I Have Klout… Do You?

My Klout: Says I’m a Specialist! I may not be a celebrity, but within my area of expertise my opinion is second to none. My content is likely focused around a specific topic or industry with a focused and highly-engaged audience. (Not too shabby!) I heart my virtual buddies!

So, what is klout? Klout is the standard for online influence. People are actually listening to what I have to say! I have a decent following of people on my Blog (650+), Facebook Page (570+), and Twitter (3000+). I’m always recruiting Twitterholics & Facebook Junkies… Follow Me! I use these social Networking communities as a way to connect with everyone. I have conversations on Twitter and I love it! So you’re probably wondering how your klout is measured. Okay scores are measured from 1 to 100. Higher scores represent a higher stronger circle of people you connect with. Klout also uses many different variables like Facebook and Twitter to measure true reach, amplification probability, and network score.

What is True Reach? True Reach is the size of your audience that engages with you. Klout eliminates inactive or spam accounts, only taking into consideration the accounts that you influence. Klout calculates the influence for each individual relationship that you have and they take into account whether a person has shared your content and it being probable that they saw it. For more information on how this is broken down you can refer to the Klout Website.

What is Amplification Probability? The amplification probability is the possibility that there will be activity with your content. How often are your articles or what you have to promote retweeted? Is your content a conversation starter? The ability to create a very high response so that your message goes VIRAL is KEY to being influential. For more in depth information about amplification probability, you can visit the Klout Website.

What is network influence and DO YOU have it? Network influence is how you engage with your following, on Twitter, Facebook etc. NOW for all of you who KNOW me, and I did mean to type KNOW… even if it is virtually (unless we’ve met personally at a conference) you all know that I use Twitter like I do IM. I will have full out conversation on Twitter and if it’s a Monday or Thursday night at 9:00 pm we talk about “Real Housewives of Atlanta, Grey’s Anatomy & Private Practice” It’s my ritual! When I’m not in full Reality T.V. mode I’m in Social Media Networking mode! So with that being said… I guess that’s what makes me a specialist! When these conversations occur, I DO get retweeted, responses and I gain more of a following.

To get more information on how influential you are and the people you interact with … you guessed it! Check out the Klout Website and measure your klout by simply typing in your twitter user name and wait for your score to be generated. It takes a few seconds!

One important thing I learned while at my last Social Media Conference was “It’s not about the numbers, it’s about the relationships!” What good are 10,000, 20,000 + followers on Twitter if you don’t talk to any of them and have auto generated tweets, or you just tweet out links to sell a product and don’t let me get started on nothing but retweets! So, it’s all about how you engage with your audience. Keep that in mind! Now… Go and get some klout if you are lacking some!


  1. Catherine
    Twitter: evolvingmommy

    I understand the concept. I don’t understand they numbers they are using because my numbers are way off… it seems. I like that there is a way to look at the connections you are making instead of just the numbers though. I guess we have yet to see how important Klout score actually end up being or it they are just another fad.

  2. Stopping by from MBC!
    Brae´s last blog post ..Wordless Wednesday


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