I was “Fully Charged” at the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus

I really enjoyed myself at the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus Presents… “Fully Charged” this week, I guess I should be telling you how much the four year old (mini me) liked it but, let’s focus on ME! I go back into kid mode when I’m at the circus, I have to get cotton candy, fresh squeezed lemonade in a keepsake cup and fun circus memorabilia for mini me. I was jumping in my seat due to a few surprises and at the edge of my seat when the performers were up high performing some challenging stunts. I always love to see the animals, the elephants especially. They are so smart, cute and they make me smile at every performance.

I loved watching the Tigers and are amazed with their performance, I’m fine as long as they are kept in their cage. That Roar…. Is really scary but they’re adorable. I give HUGE kudos to the animal trainers that have to work with the tigers up close and train them to perform. That seems like a very dangerous job! The human fuse took my breath away and made my heart stop for a millisecond, by being placed in a rocket, flying across the arena and then bursting into flames! That was amazing!

The entire show was GREAT! I think everyone should experience the circus. One hour before show time, families can meet the performers, get autographs, and see an amazing elephant that paints at the All Access Pre-show –FREE with a purchased ticket! As a bonus you can enjoy a coupon code for a discounted ticket rate. ** Please not that this offer is only good for certain price levels listed on the coupon. For more circus information and to purchase tickets, head over to the Time Warner Cable Arena website.


  1. Trainers deserve NO kudos for working with the animals. Elephants are badly treated with bullhoohs, which are sharp hooks that are stabbed in their ears or leg to submit to the trainer. Wild elephants don’t stand on one leg with another on a ball nor do they stand on eachother like in the picture. They have serious arthritic conditions, their feet turn to mush after awhile because they are used to walking in sandy areas. Did you know they were charged with $270,000 in November 2011. Yes and they paid for the animal abuse charge. http://motherjones.com/blue-marble/2011/11/ringing-bros-usda-fine-elephant-abuse

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