Leading On Purpose Week 4: The Finale

Can’t believe it’s been four weeks already! Our last Leading On Purpose class included tools and strategies for success, dream commissioning and a few surprises! When we walked in there was a beautiful cake that read “Congratulations on Living Your Dream” There were pieces of cake already cut for us to take to our seats. We had a choice of Chocolate or Vanilla. Yum! We didn’t waste any time jumping right in to our last night together doing the Leading on Purpose series. Lynette Lewis spoke for a few minutes and immediately introduced Eleatta to speak and share her purpose and dream with us. Eleatta is living her dream, loves to paint and owns Art Parties! By Eleatta. Her story is amazing! She went to school and majored in art but, did nothing with it for years. She married, had children and her dreams were put on the back burner until one day she heard Lynette Lewis speak about her journey and the importance of living out your dream.

Eleatta left that meeting empowered and ready to take steps in pursuing her dream. She immediately had visions of images she couldn’t get out her mind that she just knew had to be painted. Her first step was buying a blank canvas and from there Eleatta had a great support system to hold her hand, PUSH her, support her and hold her accountable when needed. Eleatta now has an art studio downtown Durham at Golden Belt where she holds Art Parties and she also paints dreams. Her Dream collection is amazing! After Eleatta spoke we were surprised with having a paint party and our task was to paint our dreams on a blank canvas. Now you all know I’m no painter! I can design digitally in a software program with no problem, but I can’t hold a paint brush and paint anything I’d think is worth showing anyone. However, magically on Friday night all one hundred women artistic and non-artistic painted our hearts out and put our dreams on canvas.

After our paint party we held our masterpieces up and prayed! We prayed that god would see our gifts and passion and bless us to fulfill our dreams. It was definitely an emotional moment. Tears filled our eyes as we all decided to let go of our fears and let god lead us in faith to live our dreams. We talked about surrounding our self with people that support us, and are positive to form a team and help each other along. Meet up once or twice a month to see where everyone is on their projects, offer a helping hand and keep everyone on track. One thing really stuck out to me that Lynette Lewis said… When you are pregnant and you have a midwife, they support you and they do whatever is necessary for you to be able to birth your baby. We’re always midwives helping other people to pursue their dreams and pushing ours on the back burner. “Well, guess what? Now, you’re pregnant! Now, it’s your turn to push and birth your dreams.” Move forward and engage, this is your season!

I left my last Leading on Purpose class feeling FULL, I felt like I had all the tools I needed to manifest my dreams. I was feeling a bit down a few weeks ago slipping into depression and I emailed my Leading on Purpose team about it and on Friday I was blessed with “I Declare” 31 Promises To Speak Over Your Life By: Joel Osteen and my spirits were lifted. I’ve been reading the book a few days and I feel a change in me. I now know that I have to believe what I speak into my life. I have to move forward with my dreams and not let fear defeat me. I have to walk in faith and not falter. I know that faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. I just have to know in my heart and soul that what I profess will come to pass and not in my time but, in god’s time and no matter what, he’s going to provide!

I truly enjoyed my four weeks at Leading On Purpose, would do it all over again and recommend it to every woman I know! I left knowing my purpose; I went in clueless and not being able to recognize it. I now know how to recognize fear and not let it get the best of me and I’m going to live my dreams. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in everyday life that we tend to forget that god is our substance and provider, without him we are nothing! I know if I continue to put him first, everything will fall into place. Are you living your dreams? If, not why? You owe it to yourself to be happy.

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